About Me

Who am I?

My name is Kelly, I am a qualified Nursery Nurse and child Sleep Therapist with a masters in Human Resources who has two beautiful boy and girl twins. I am qualified to give advice on child nutrition and behaviour and I am also a volunteer Local Ambassador for a mums support/networking site called Mummy Social.

What experience do I have with sleep issues?

I was never a good sleeper myself and because I worked long hours in a previous corporate role, I never even thought about sleep deprivation as a concern before I gave birth to my twins.  I then realised that choosing not to sleep due to other priorities and not being able to sleep due to looking after two human beings is total different and much more exhausting!  This is why I took advice from a sleep consultant which meant I could get 8 hours sleep and deal with any obstacle they through at me with a calm and clear head.  I also have an OCN level 3 sleep training qualification. 

What experience do I have with nutrition?

I was lucky that my twins would eat anything when it came to weaning but I thought it was important for me to understand what they should and shouldn't be eating at a young age.  I am CPD qualified to give advice on nutrient for  pre-conception (women and men) and pre-natal mums as well as children up to 3 years old.

What experience do I have with child behaviour?

As a mum myself it has been great to learn why children behave a certain way and, because their emotions are not fully developed yet, how you can successfully stop tantrums and disobedience before it comes a big problem.  I am CPD qualified in childhood behavioural problems and solutions. 

Taking a holistic approach

I do believe that good sleep, nutrition and behaviour are all linked and help children to thrive.

Please take a look at my reviews to see how I have helped children with their sleep, nutrition and behaviour issues.