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Review for Luka McMichael - 22 months old

Samantha McMichael's expressed that her son was having difficulty getting to sleep (taking up to 2 hours of Samantha and her partners time) and also had night wakings.  This is Samantha's feedback on the sleep plan Little Well-beings provided her with:

So I was struggling with my almost 2 year olds sleeping. He would take hours to go down at night and then he would wake up numerous times a night and take hours to settle. I had tried everything and nothing worked. Then Kelly helped me out. She asked some questions about him and worked out a plan that was simple. There was nothing way out there in it and it was flexible, I could change it to fit round my eldest at nursery. The first few days doing it was a little all over the place, some days he'd go down fine but would wake up others he'd take ages to go down and then would sleep all night but I stuck with it. And it's worked. It's now been around 3 weeks and his sleeping has improved massively. He takes half an hour to go down, he sleeps all night and he wakes up happy and refreshed. And so do I. Feels amazing, fantastic help and I'd definitely recommend. It's not an instant fix but it works :-)

Review for Poppy - 6 months

When I contacted Kelly I had a baby who would only sleep in my arms in the day and had to be walked up and down to fall asleep in the evening.  I felt I had got us both into a habit and had no idea how to change it.  Kelly was really supportive and gave us advice on timings and routine.  She helped us through the first few tough nights with a gentle approach to help her settle.  I was able to introduce a bedtime and nap time routine that worked for us and made us feel that we were still giving our daughter the love and support needed whilst teaching her how to sleep.  Since getting help from Kelly I am able to cherish those sleepy cuddles I had in the early days and don't regret them anymore.  I cannot thank Kelly enough. 

Review for Francesco - 6 months

I can’t believe we actually got somewhere... miracles do happen. My lil baby never really slept, was up every 2 hours through the night and that was a good night. He never really napped in the day and this is even from newborn. And if he did, it would be a 20 mins power nap. Now my lil man is sleeping through the night and I can put him in his cot at nap time and he puts himself to sleep no crying and is a happy baby all day, when the teeth aren’t making a appearance. Kelly has really helped me get my life back as I was almost at breaking point, can’t thank her skills enough!  

Review Max, Kara and Chloe - 14 month (twins) and 4 years old

Kirsty was struggling with sleep throughout the day and night for her twins as well as the night for her 4 year old daughter.   This is the feedback I received after the tailored advice given:

I cannot tell you the positive changes Kelly has helped bring about for our family. We have a 4 year old daughter and 1 year old twins. We asked Kelly for help with sleeping. Kelly is a twin Mummy like me, and this really helped as I knew she was able to understand the specific issues that come up at sleep time with twins, and her recommendations were therefore credible to us. We went from being up for hours in the night with the twins, every night, to the twins sleeping through in a short period of time. I could not believe it. It has been just incredible, and we cannot thank Kelly enough! Finally we are all getting some good sleep