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Review for Luka McMichael - 22 months old

Samantha McMichael's expressed that her son was having difficulty getting to sleep (taking up to 2 hours of Samantha and her partners time) and also had night wakings.  This is Samantha's feedback on the sleep plan Little Well-beings provided her with:

So I was struggling with my almost 2 year olds sleeping. He would take hours to go down at night and then he would wake up numerous times a night and take hours to settle. I had tried everything and nothing worked. Then Kelly helped me out. She asked some questions about him and worked out a plan that was simple. There was nothing way out there in it and it was flexible, I could change it to fit round my eldest at nursery. The first few days doing it was a little all over the place, some days he'd go down fine but would wake up others he'd take ages to go down and then would sleep all night but I stuck with it. And it's worked. It's now been around 3 weeks and his sleeping has improved massively. He takes half an hour to go down, he sleeps all night and he wakes up happy and refreshed. And so do I. Feels amazing, fantastic help and I'd definitely recommend. It's not an instant fix but it works :-)